Laura Barnes

Laura Barnes

Teaching is my second career after I spent 30 years in the Scientific and Information Technology areas. I inform my teaching style with the lessons and skills I know students need to be successful beyond college.

My primary philosophy is to help students learn to think and be problem solvers. Although it is important to understand specific technical concepts, I believe it is more important to know how to think analytically and to know how to solve problems systematically. With that proficiency, students are able to work confidently through academic and personal obstacles.

I set expectations, try alternative methods of teaching and assess progress frequently, cumulatively and with diverse techniques. I take care to teach the fundamentals and to help students learn the practical application of their studies.

I am passionate, organized, consistent, disciplined and interactive and I strive to impart those qualities to my students.

I believe every student should be challenged and I define success when a student learns something from me that they can use in the future.

Teaching and learning topics/strategies of interest:

  1. Overcoming Math anxiety
  2. Metacognition and mindset
  3. Teaching large classes