Towards Professional Habits: Helping Students Speak Like Experts

Friday, October 6, 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm – ATL Seminar Room (Chafee 241), or remotely
Presenters: Katherine Donohue (GSO) and Hollie Smith (Communications)


Learning to speak like an expert is a required skill for many fields both in academia and beyond. Cultivating the proper tone, poise, and presentation style for this kind of speaking in our students, both graduate and undergraduate, can be challenging, especially considering the diversity of audiences they may face in “the real world.” How we scaffold the development of an expert voice in our courses and seminars can help both graduate and undergraduate students appreciate the need for adequate practice and feedback. This session brings together two URI faculty, Dr. Kathleen Donohue (Graduate School of Oceanography) and Dr. Hollie Smith (Communications), who have each designed pedagogical approaches and tools to help students advance in their ability to speak like experts.