Computer Science Advising

Prepare for a Meeting – Things All Students Should Do:

To make the advising process run as smoothly as possible, you should be as prepared as possible when meeting with your advisor. Below are the basic steps you should take to be prepared for your meeting.

  • Review degree requirements on the Computer Science Department site.
  • Fill out a Curriculum Sheet to keep for yourself. Be sure you know what Catalog Year you are following. You can find this listed as the Requirement Term on eCampus. It is usually the year that you started at URI. Keep your Curriculum Sheet up to date each semester. Also regularly check the suggested schedules for the BA in CS and the BS in CS:
  • Each semester use ECampus tools to track progress toward your degree. The Academic Progress Report shown there performs an audit of the courses you have taken against the requirements for a degree. You can change the degrees in the analysis to allow you to do things like “what if I added a Cybersecurity minor”? Before every meeting with your Advisor, email them a PDF of your Academic Progress report (after following the linked instructions to generate the report, then choose “View as PDF”, save the PDF, and email it to your Advisor).
  • Prior to your Intent to Graduate meeting with your advisor, run your Academic Progress Report and fill out the Intent to Graduate form to the best of your ability. Email these both to your advisor and bring both with you to the meeting.