Program Finances

Once a sufficient number of students have confirmed participation in your program, the Office of International Education will work with you to schedule payments to your vendors and process your Travel Authorization.


The Office of International Education will act as your delegate in e-Campus Financials and submit your TA to Accounting. Since the funds for your travel will be coming from student fees, the Office of International Education will sign as the supporting department (Department Code 2703). Once your TA is signed and submitted to Accounting, travel can be arranged. All travel must adhere to University policy.


U.S. Vendors
If your vendor is not currently registered with the URI, they will need to complete the URI vendor registration process.

International Vendors

Non U.S. vendors will need to complete a W-8BEN form and forward it to the Office of International Education along with their invoice.

Payments for program expenses can be processed as the following:

Check Payments

Invoices can be sent to the Office of International Education for the processing of a check.

Wire Payments

For the processing of wire payments, please provide the following:

  • Invoice with amount owed
  • Specified currency for wire transfer
  • Date when payment is needed
  • Name on the bank account
  • Bank account number
  • Bank routing number
  • SWIFT code
  • Name of bank
  • Bank address

For check and wire payments, please note the following:

  • If you are working with a new vendor for the University and payment is being processed by either wire payment or check, the vendor must complete a registration form:
  • All payments via check or bank wire may take up to 10 business days for processing

URI Purchase Card or Travel Card (P-card)

The Office of International Education can use a P-card or Travel Card for your program’s expenses or you can use your own departmental P-card or Travel Card. Please speak with the Office of International Education before using your own card. Prior to using the P-card, please review the list of allowable items on the Accounting website.
Most notably, below are items that cannot be purchased using a Travel Card:

  • Food (restaurant, groceries, water)
  • Entertainment (tickets to events or entrance fees)
  • Gifts (for students or international partners)

Program Advance

The OIE will pre-pay as many expenses as possible prior to the start of your program. There will be some expenses that you will need to pay onsite, such as meals with students. All program directors will be issued a program advance (check or direct deposit) prior to the start of their program. The size of the cash advance will be dependent on how many expenses need to be paid onsite. There will be a training on the management of onsite expenses during the Emergency Preparedness and Response Seminar.  Upon your return home, you will meet with your OIE Coordinator to reconcile your program expenses.