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Malaga Island and This Other Eden: A Tragedy of Racism and Eugenics
Instructor: Gale Eaton
3 Sessions on Wednesdays, starting 9/13, 10:00AM-11:30AM $40
Through the middle and late nineteenth century, a mixed community of African Americans, Indigenous people, and whites eked out a living on Malaga Island in Phippsburg, Maine. In 1912, after forcibly moving several residents to a home for the feebleminded, the state evicted the island’s 45 remaining inhabitants. Economics helped motivate the action but racism was key, and the rhetoric of eugenics cloaked the proceedings in scientific righteousness. The episode has been fictionalized more than once, most recently in This Other Eden, by Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Harding. Using multiple viewpoints and rich prose, he gives mythic resonance to the loving, flawed, and eccentric people of his Malaga-like Apple Island. We will discuss the history behind the story in week one, and the novel itself in weeks two and three.

Fruit Tree Growing Simplified
Instructor: John Campanini
3 Sessions on Thursdays, starting 9/14, 1:00PM-2:30PM $40
Growing fruit trees can be very rewarding or very frustrating. Most people, unfortunately, experience only the latter. They have good intentions but don’t realize that even good intentions need a game plan. And not a complicated one at that. Just a simple understanding of the basics, which starts with selecting the right variety for your location. Knowledge of training methods and how they are used to initiate early and consistent fruiting in trees is also essential and will be discussed. Finally, this course will provide a firm foundation for anyone who wishes to learn about or grow fruit trees conveniently at home.

Recognizing and Responding to an Opioid Overdose
Instructor: Anita Jacobson
1 Session on Thursday, 9/14, 3:00PM-4:30PM  $15
We will discuss the current opioid overdose landscape in our nation, including nationwide and Rhode Island overdose data, information on the science of addiction, action steps to effectively assist someone having an opioid-involved breathing emergency, and frequently asked questions related to the overdose crisis. Dr. Jacobson will also provide information on how to use unregulated substances more safely, where to find recovery resources, facts related to medications for opioid use disorder, passive fentanyl exposure, various naloxone formulations, and liability concerns. Finally, she will demonstrate how to administer naloxone, and participants will have an opportunity to request naloxone for personal use.
Discrimination in Science Fiction Films
Instructor: Linda Morse
6 Sessions on Fridays, starting 9/15, 1:00PM-2:30PM  $55
With discrimination rampant in the world today, including racism, gender discrimination, and caste systems, what will the future hold for us? Science fiction helps us to understand these questions by exploring the challenges we might face with cybernetic implants, genetic engineering, new belief systems, and even contact with aliens. We will attempt to understand and resolve some of these issues as we view six full-length science fiction movies whose themes deal with some aspect of discrimination and control. There will be time each week to discuss reviews, content, story lines, symbolism, and relationships for each movie: Enemy Mine (1985); Gattaca (1997); I, Robot (2004); District 9 (2009); Elysium (2013); and Divergent (2014).
Making Peace/Dispute Mediation
Instructor: Phyllis Waldman
3 Sessions on Fridays starting 9/15, $40
Disputes with friends, family members, co-workers, and neighbors can lead to broken relationships . . . and broken hearts. With the help of mediation, we can clear up misunderstandings, find areas of agreement, and create solutions. Using readings, discussions, and role play, learn the steps of an effective mediation process. Plan to hone those skills you once used instinctively to mediate spats between your children (and maybe still do!) and transfer them to any number of situations, from a disagreement between colleagues to bringing two quarreling family members back together again.
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