This Week at OLLI -July 10, 2023

CLASS SPOTLIGHT: Register online or call the office at 874-4197.

The Top 25 Film Scores of All Time with Emanuel Abramovitz

6 Sessions starting Tuesday, July 11, 10:00Am-11:30AM on Zoom

The American Film Institute released a list of the best film scores that includes many well-known classics and some surprises. These lists are always arguable, but the composers of those scores have something in common: a fascinating life and a solid career. With plenty of audiovisuals, anecdotes, and humor, let’s enjoy the ride through the process of creating those historical pieces that convey what the movie is trying to say without words and evoke an emotional response even the most brilliant bit of dialogue cannot.

Local Farm to Food Assistance with Hope’s Harvest with Shannon Hickey
1 Session on Tuesday, July 11, at 5:00PM

Join the Hope’s Harvest program of Farm Fresh Rhode Island in the field to learn about how local farms and food producers contribute to addressing food insecurity in Rhode Island via gleaning, contracting, and surplus purchasing. Students will receive a basic overview of food waste, hunger and malnutrition in RI, and practical strategies for engaging and effecting these issues. Then you’ll put your knowledge into gear by helping to harvest and pack kale and collard greens to be distributed to local hunger relief agencies within RI. The Hope’s Harvest team will provide clear harvesting instructions and oversight.   

Hope’s Harvest started in 2018 as Rhode Island’s first gleaning project. Since then, the program has grown to include not only farm-based food recovery but also expanding markets for local growers via the emergency food system. As of 2022, Hope’s Harvest is proud to be a program of Farm Fresh RI — bringing fresh, nutritious, locally grown produce to neighbors in need.

Canceled Classes:


  • Go Beyond Surviving and Thrive in the New Normal (Zoom)
  • Unraveling the Noise Through Contemplative Literature (Zoom)


  • 10:00AM Watershed Epochs
  • 11:30AM Creativity, Play and Innovation
  • 12:00PM Lunch and Learn- Financial Strategies for Retirement and Beyond: The Psychology of money
  • 1:30PM Buffy Sainte-Marie
  • 5:00PM History of Great Britain


  • 9:30AM Golf
  • 10:00AM Chasing the Light
  • 10:00AM The Top 25 Film Scores of All Time (Zoom)
  • 1:00PM Art from the Artful (Zoom)
  • 1:00Pm Tin Pan Alley
  • 2:30PM Let’s Play
  • 5:00PM Hope’s Harvest (Off Site)


  • 10:00AM Annn Morrow Lindbergh
  • 12:30PM Bowling Group
  • 1:00PM Walking Group
  • 1:00PM Rhode Map and Secret Rhode Island
  • 3:00PM New Member Orientation
  • 4:00PM Introduction to Handbells (off-site)


  • 9:30AM Addressing Solutions to Climate Change
  • 10:00AM Forest Tree Identification
  • 1:00PM Mah jong (lobby)
  • 2:00PM The Art of the Tale (Zoom)
  • 2:30PM Let’s Play


  • 1:00PM We Didn’t Start the Fire
  • 1:00PM Intro to Yoga

OLLI NEW MEMBER WELCOME- Wednesday, July 12, 3:00-4:30PM- Are you new to OLLI @ URI?  Are you returning after being gone awhile? Both current and new members are invited to attend and learn about all OLLI has to offer. We’ll review our current programs, and our special interest groups, all while exploring and becoming more familiar with our OLLI website and registration software. Plenty of time for Q & A. Coffee & refreshments too! Please join us and bring a friend along so they can see what we’re all about! Registration is not required. 


The URI program aims to rescue and recycle food by changing the way Rhode Islanders shop for, store, prepare, preserve and compost it. Course applications opened this month for Food Recovery for Rhode Island, a course offered by the Cooperative Extension, part of the University of Rhode Island’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences.

The six-week community education course, which opens its next session in September 2023, is the brainchild of Food Recovery for Rhode Island (FRRI), which wondered if there was a way to address food waste and food insecurity simultaneously. Open to all Rhode Islanders, FRRI aims to change the way we shop for, store, prepare and compost food.

Read more by clicking here.

PARKING UPDATE: There has been a delay for OLLI members to register for parking. As soon as the system has been updated, members will be notified. You can call the office (401-874-4197) or email us ( with your vehicle information (license plate number, make, model and color of car) and we will be happy to register your vehicle when the system is available.

RHODY OUTPOST- Donations can be dropped off in the OLLI office throughout the summer months. They accept donations of gift cards, food, personal items, and household supplies. They ask that you only donate items that are on this list to minimize waste. Please note that they do not accept expired goods or any food item that is not in its original packaging.