This Week at OLLI – June 26

Week of June 26


Art from the Artful: The American Way in Twentieth-Century Suspense Genre (Zoom) Click to View the Class Preview– Instructor: Teresa Testa

This 6-week course starts on Tuesday, June 27, at 1PM Click to view class online

 In this six-week course, students will be introduced to pioneering creative interpretations of suspense in the American Way by two Englishmen, Roald Dahl and Alfred Hitchcock, who became American household standards of suspense. Such were the days of the American consciousness in the 1950’s and 60’s where the hallmarks of constancy and steadfastness provided the cultural norms of the time. Each week the course will pair one Hitchcock short film with its Dahl short story inspiration. In order to best understand the immense audience popularity attained from the suspense genre, students will learn about the human psychology that underpins our human desire to create art from the artful.

 Register online or call 401-874-4197.

This Week at OLLI


  • 11:30AM Creativity, Play and Innovation
  • 1:00PM RI’s Great White Sharks
  • 1:30PM Buffy Sainte Marie
  • 5:00PM A Brief History of Great Britain
  • 5:00PM New England Lighthouses and the People Who Kept Them (Zoom)


  • 9:30AM Golf
  • 10:00AM Chasing the Light
  • 10:00AM Community Discussion Services (View Flyer) FREE
  • 1:00PM Wonderful Lyricists of Tin Pan Alley
  • 1:00PM Art from the Artful: The American Way in Twentieth Century Suspense Genre(Zoom) Click here to watch the Virtual Preview
  • 2:30PM Islam


  • 9:30AM Homescapes in Watercolor
  • 11:30AM Rhode Island Resource Recovery Tour
  • 12:30PM Bowling Group
  • 1:00PM Walking Group
  • 3:00PM Blue Economy R&D Project (See description below) FREE


  • 10:00AM Forest Tree Identification
  • 10:00AM Creativity and Play (OLLI EXTRA- See below)
  • 1:00PM Mah jong (lobby)
  • 2:30PM Finance Meeting


  • 1:00PM We Didn’t Start the Fire
  • 1:00PM Intro to Yoga

NEW SESSION OFFERED-  We had over 30 people on the WaitList for Rhode Map and Secret Rhode Island so we’re offering a second session Wednesday, August 9, at 1:00PM. Register online or call the office at 401-874-4197. Instructor: Roberta Mudge Humble. Fee: $15

Learn about Rhode Island and be tested about where things are in this state—all in good humor and with glorious pictures. Additionally, a series of places, many unknown to Rhode Islanders, will be revealed. Be prepared to be surprised about places that many are unaware of and reconfigure and strengthen your interest in and love of the smallest state.

OLLI COURSE EVALUATIONS- If you are not receiving a course evaluation emails (should come 2 days after your class ends) then please let us know. Sometimes your mail server will block a “bulk” email. You can always scan the QR code in the lobby with your phone or fill out a paper copy. Lastly you can visit our website.


**Community Discussion on Health Services- Click to view the flyer NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY FOR THIS DISCUSSION!

Join us on Tuesday, June 27, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM for an Informative introduction workshop. The session will be followed by a series of workshops leveraging group discussions about YOUR healthcare experiences and how to improve them.

Follow up discussions. 

  • July 11, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Your Health Workshop

  • July 18, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Your Life Workshop

  • July 25, from 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Your Way workshop

 The discussions will be facilitated by EchoWear, a URI spin-off company that came out of innovative research at the Wearable Biosensing Lab at URI Engineering. They aim to improve access to healthcare services through patient friendly technologies such as smartphone apps and wearables. Full attendance at the workshops will be rewarded with a fun gift!

**Blue Economy- Proposed Blue Economy Research & Development (R&D) Project with Jet Vertz  Wednesday, June 28, at 3:00PM


One of the long-term strategic plans for OLLI at the URI is to have more Intergenerational R&D activities with the URI students. As a follow-up to this long-term strategic plan, Jet Vertz has developed an Intergenerational R&D program proposal. Having that we’ve never executed this type of intergenerational R&D activity, he would like to review the program proposal with other interested OLLI members to solicit their input and refine the program plan. Since Dr. Marc Parlange joined URI as the president, he has made the “Blue Economy” as one of the centerpieces for the URI’s academic and R&D activities. Based on this, Jet’s program proposal deals with the Blue Economy. Specific title of the R&D proposal is “Harnessing Green Energy from Blue Economy.”

We are planning to review Jet’s R&D program proposal on Wednesday, June 28, at 3:00 pm at OLLI. If you are interested in participating in the session, please call the OLLI office at 401-874-4197 or send an email to to reserve a spot.

**Kick off Meeting- Creativity and Play- with Sandra Enos

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for this class and there is a max number of 10, so register TODAY!! Click to register.

Join us on Thursday, June 29, from 10AM-12PM.

Registrants will be sent details of meeting location after registration.

As older adults, we may have lost our talent and inclination to play. We may play with grandchildren at some point but the opportunity to play, be creative and have fun is limited. This OLLI EXTRA group would meet once a month, in person for up to two hours to pursue fun, play and creativity. There is so much talent in the OLLI member population for fun making. We want to tap into the interests of OLLI members who want to stretch themselves and be challenged creatively. Our kickoff session will be held off campus where we will explore paper craft, creative reuse, bubble making and more. Mostly, we will have some fun and enjoy each other’s company. In the coming months, we will set up a calendar of events so members know what is coming up in the future. For example, in an upcoming adventure, OLLI faculty member, Jan Armor, will be leading us on a photo shoot field trip to a yet to be disclosed location. We are interested in exploring drawing, painting, sculpture, creative writing, poetry, creative challenges, community projects, movement and games and much more.