Fisheries Science Graduate Certificate

Gain core competencies and enhance your skill set in sustainable fisheries science and management.


The Graduate Certificate in Fisheries Science (FIS) is an online program that helps students develop core competencies in sustainable fisheries management, including stock assessment and fisheries ecology.

Through this program, students will gain a foundation in statistical procedures and effective decision-making to address complex issues related to fisheries and fish habitats. Students will solve real-world fisheries problems and learn how to create effective, practical solutions.

Students can earn their certificate in four sessions, maximizing flexibility and convenience for career enhancement, leadership positions in the industry, and professional growth.


AFS515: Fishery Ecology
AFS531: Fisheries Stock Assessment
AFS560: Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Science & Management
AFS597: Internship in Fisheries and Aquaculture

Tuition per credit based on 2024/2025 academic year rates (subject to change): $887

Sample Course Schedule*

Session: Fall 1 | Course: AFS 515
Session: Fall 2 | Course: AFS 531
Session: Spring 1 | Course: AFS/OCG 560
Session: Spring 2 | Course: Capstone – AFS 597
Course schedule will vary depending upon when a student enters the program.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • College transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of purpose
    • Interest in program
    • Relevant work experience
    • Reasons for applying to the online program at URI
    • Professional goals, as well as plans for achieving these goals

Fall 2024 Dates

7/30Application Deadline
9/3Classes Begin

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Career Opportunities

Advance your career with URI Online.

URI Online’s Fisheries Science Graduate Certificate opens doors to a range of rewarding career opportunities in fisheries management, conservation, and research. With their specialized knowledge and skills in fisheries science, certificate holders are well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the protection and responsible stewardship of marine resources.

Fisheries Biologist

Conducts research on fish populations, habitats, and ecosystems to inform conservation and management strategies.

Agriculture Aquaculture Farm

Aquaculture Specialist

Manages fish farming operations, including breeding, feeding, and health monitoring, to sustainably produce seafood for consumption.

Duo collecting benthic organisms from research vessel⁠

Fisheries Technician

Assists with field surveys, data collection, and laboratory analysis to support fisheries research and monitoring programs.

Quote from College of Environment and Life Sciences Dean John Kirby that says, "This unique graduate certificate provides students with access to a distinctive professional development opportunity, one that can stand alone to fill a professional's needs or can be combined with an on campus and online programs to further their personal and professional interests. With URI's strong national and international reputation in fisheries management, students will gain a unique and important focus on our extremely valuable fisheries management and resources opportunities."

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