Newly Admitted Student Information

Welcome to URI!

Thank you for your service to our country!

We are excited that you have chosen URI to continue your academic journey! We know that starting at a new institution can be challenging to navigate and a bit intimidating at times. We are committed to making this as easy of a transition as possible. 

Whether you have recently separated from military service, have been out for a while, are currently serving or using benefits as a dependent, having a support system is key. We will help you navigate the most commonly asked questions, commonly used resources, and assist in getting you off to a great start here at URI.

You have been admitted to URI. Now what? 

Step 1: Apply with the FAFSA

Not all military affiliated students receive 100% eligibility for GI Bill® through the VA for various reasons. Even those who are 100% eligible are also able to take advantage of a myriad of additional scholarship options, based on your academic performance and financial need. Visit Enrollment Services Financial Aid for further information.


Step 2: Attend Orientation in the summer 

It is highly encouraged that you attend an orientation to campus and your program. This will prep you for a successful first semester. 

Orientation will highlight 7 main topics:

  1. Technology: How to set up and use E-Campus, StarFish, Sakai, Brightspace, Handshake, and the URI Directory. This also includes information on IT Services at URI. 
  2. Finances and Billing: Financial Aid, Billing, and Records Privacy. Student Loans, Campus Employment Opportunities, and completing your URI financial policies agreement. 
  3. Student Involvement: Student Organizations to include our Student Veterans of America Organization at URI, Campus Recreation activities and facilities, the URI Campus Store, Memorial Union, and other opportunities. 
  4. Health, Wellness, and Safety: Fitness and wellness, Counseling, Health Services, Disability Services for Students, Dean of Students, Outreach and Intervention, Violence Prevention Advocacy, Student Conduct, and Public Safety. 
  5. Housing, Dining, and Commuting: Learn about Housing and Residential Life at URI, submit your housing application, learn about URI Dining options, purchase your meal plan, and find information about commuting, transportation and parking.
  6. Academic Support and Opportunities: Tutoring and support offered by the Academic Enhancement Center, Study abroad and international opportunities, resources available in our University Libraries, finding internships and jobs both on and off campus, adding credits through summer sessions and Winter J-Term, getting help through our Early Alert program.
  7. Course Registration and Advising: Walk through steps for fall course registration, learn about academic advising, find out about transferring credits to URI, take the Math Placement Exam, and complete your Financial Responsibility Agreement.

NOTE: If you are not able to attend orientation in the summer, please contact for upcoming info sessions or schedule an appointment to meet!

Step 3: Review and save the URI academic calendar

Be prepared. The URI Academic Calendar will help you understand URI’s academic schedule and deadlines.


Fun Fact!

The Student Veteran Organization and URI ACLU came together in 2018 to help ensure that Veterans Day continued as an observed holiday.

Step 4: Download Rhody Connect

Stay connected. Be informed. Find your way. Rhody Connect is the official mobile app of the University of Rhode Island that will help you find the campus information you need, and give you personalized access to university services from the convenience of your mobile device. Learn More.


Step 5: Contact your academic advisor to register for classes

You can locate your academic advisor or contact advising with questions here

NOTE: Remember that the GI Bill® will not pay for classes that do not count toward your degree plan. Please ensure that you are meeting with an academic advisor to within your program.

Q: What about my transcripts from the military?
You can find information on submitting military transcripts HERE. 

Q: What about other transfer credit related questions?
You will want to contact the Transfer Resource Center by clicking HERE!

Step 6: Submit COE or NOBE

If you intend on using your GI Benefits here at URI, there are additional items that must be completed. 

  • You must receive and submit a new or updated certificate of eligibility (COE) or,
  • for the Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve 1606 beneficiaries, a Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE). Only for Reserves or National Guard Members
  • This is how we determine your eligibility status and it is required prior to being certified for enrollment. This only needs to be turned in ONE time, unless you are a returning or re-admitted student to URI. We will then need an updated COE or NOBE. Please contact for any questions.

Q: What is a GI Bill® Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?
This is a term that refers to an official document from the Department of Veterans Affairs detailing a military member or veteran’s GI Bill®  benefits. The VA can only issue this. 

Q: Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve 1606 beneficiaries:
The first step towards receiving your GI Bill® Selected Reserve benefits is to apply for a “Notice of Basic Eligibility”, or NOBE (DD Form 2384-1) through your unit. If your application is approved, your unit’s Education Office will send you the NOBE. 

Q: Where do I send my COE or NOBE to? 
You will follow the instructions HERE every semester to certify for enrollment using the GI Bill®. Please upload all COE’s and NOBE’s onto the verification form or email directly to the School Certifying Official-

NOTE: If you have not applied for GI Bill® benefits but think you may be eligible. Click HERE! Please allow time for the VA to process to receive your COE.

Step 7: Certify your GI Bill® EVERY semester (Chapter 30, 33, 35, 1606 only)

You must submit a Student Verification Form EVERY semester that you intend on using your GI Benefits. Without this, we don’t know that you intend on using your benefit.

  • Please ensure that if you are using GI benefits at URI for the first time or you are a returning or re-admitted student that you send in your COE or NOBE together with the online Student Verification form. This may help expedite the process if we can collect everything together. 

The Certification Process at URI can be found by clicking HERE!

NOTE: Chapter 31 or VR&E will not need to do this. Your VR&E counselor should send us a PO number for your payment to process. Please contact VR&E if you have any questions.   

Once we receive your Student Verification Form, URI’s VA certifying officials will start certifying BAH for each semester on the following dates. (Please submit forms as soon as possible in order to be certified on-time)

Fall semester – beginning early August

Spring semester – beginning the end of December

Summer Session – beginning the middle of May

After the Add/Drop period of each semester, we will submit for tuition and fees that are reportable to the VA.

You will also receive an electronic automated email from the VA ONCE software used to submit enrollment certifications.

Additional Information 

In-state Residency for tuition:

As a GI Bill® recipient you may qualify for in-state tuition. To see if you are eligible, refer to the state’s Residency Policy. Information on the policy and form location can be found by clicking HERE! 

Scholarships and Financial Aid information:

Not all veterans get 100% eligibility through the VA for various reasons. Even those with 100% are eligible for a myriad of additional scholarship options. You are as entitled to scholarships based on your academic performance and financial need as any other student. Click HERE for more information. 

Consider applying for Federal Financial Aid, which can be used in conjunction with VA education benefits. You are just as entitled to this as any other student. 

Priority Registration for Combat Veterans:

Combat veterans attending the University of Rhode Island wishing to obtain priority registration for their service can click HERE for more information! 

RI Disabled American Veterans Waiver (DAV): 

Rhode Island residents with a Department of Veteran’s Affairs service-related disability of at least 10 percent may be eligible for a waiver of tuition. All other required fees are the responsibility of the student and should be submitted with the waiver forms. Click HERE for more information on this RI benefit. 

Disability Access and Inclusion (DAI): 

Consider use of in-class accommodations (i.e. extra time on tests, note taking assistance with smart devices, etc) with Disability Services for Students (DSS) at URI. These services can be extremely important to your academic success. The Office of Veteran Affairs works collaboratively with DSS in order to understand your needs and possible accommodations. You can always set up an appointment to have a conversation with a DSS Coordinator to learn more. 

It is highly encouraged that those using Chapter 31 or VR&E benefits make an appointment with DSS to discuss any possible accommodations that you may need while attending URI. More information on DSS can be found by clicking HERE! 


Admissions Services:

Click HERE to reach the Admissions Services web page.