Student Veterans of America at URI

Student Veterans of America at URI


Mission Statement: The URI Student Veterans Organization is a service organization bringing together all members of the URI community to support Veterans, members of the Armed Forces, and their families.

  • We value academic achievement, encouraging our members to be successful in and outside of the classroom.
  • We advocate service before self incorporating the skills we learned from the military to help others.
  • We strive to bridge the gap between military and civilian cultures.

Through the fellowship of our cohort we create a network of students, faculty, staff, and alumni focused on professional and leadership development. It is through these methods that we endeavor to see our community thrive as our members honor the efforts of those who served before them.

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Student Veterans of America National Conference (NATCON)

  • The first year the URI SVA was established again in 2018, we were able to bring 3 students to NATCON 2019 in Florida. This was paid for by the URI SVA Student Chapter with the commitment of members to contribute to ideas to build the SVA to where it is today. 
  • The second year, we were able to bring 7 students to NATCON in L.A. with fundraising, org dollars, and a contribution from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

NATCON: Why should you go? 

Past initiatives for Student Veterans at URI: (Google docs-gmail or URI email required)

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