New Volunteer Training

To become a new volunteer water quality monitor (or a citizen scientist), you must participate in spring training.  Through this training, you will learn all you need to become a successful volunteer water monitor!

  • All training and equipment are supplied by URI Watershed Watch. 
  • Volunteers supply time, enthusiasm, and a boat/kayak/canoe to get to the deepest part of their waterbody and collect data with the monitoring methods they have been trained on.
  • Training is FREE to all participants.
  • In 2023, there will likely be in-person training – details of below.
  • Please complete a new volunteer profile form at:

2023 New Volunteer Classroom Training 
We are excited to return to IN-PERSON training in 2023! Although videos will be available if you want to get a jump start or aren’t able to attend a classroom session.

  • Please complete the URIWW Volunteer Profile form at the bottom of the Become a Volunteer page (click here). We’ll add you to our email list and you’ll get updates about the start of the 2023 season.
  • Field training videos are available (click here) – but we hope to get you on the water with us in April! 
  • Participation in or at least review of the classroom session materials is highly recommended to help you learn about the program, water quality and what and why we monitor.

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New volunteers should participate in classroom training, and are REQUIRED to participate in field training, preferably in person. Virtual training options may be possible, but prior approval is needed.

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Please call Elizabeth (401-874-4552) with any questions or concerns.