Sakai Gradebook

Exporting a CSV file from Sakai Gradebook

  1. In the Sakai Gradebook, select Course Grades.
  2. Under ‘View’, select the desired Course Section. Do not select “All Sections/Groups”.Sakai Gradebook Step 2
  3. At the bottom of the screen, select “Export Course Grades as CSV” and save this csv file onto your local computer.Sakai Gradebook Step 3
  4. Repeat the above steps for each section in your course site.
  5. Follow the eCampus instructions to upload the csv file(s) one-by-one to eCampus Grade Roster.
  6. Note for Macintosh users: If you choose to open the csv file in Excel before uploading to ecampus, always save this file as “Windows Formatted Comma Separated (.csv)” file.Sakai Gradebook Step 6

For further information on Sakai Gradebook refer to the Sakai Gradebook ITS Wiki page.

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