Humanities and Environmental Sciences

Shakespeare Meets Watersheds: A Profile of Graduate Student Molly Hall, Core Committee Member

From the URI Coastal Institute. Posted September 22, 2016.

Meet the CI Student: Molly Hall is the newest addition to our team; she will be working to expand public engagement with CI initiatives by helping to craft science communication. Molly is currently a PhD candidate in the URI Department of English. Her work with the CI came about as a result of a National Endowment for the Humanities grant which provides support for a more integrated approach to training English doctoral students as interdisciplinary public humanities scholars. The Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning grant elicited wide-scale collaboration across campus and in the RI and New England community, in the areas of coastal environment, health and medicine, digital humanities and big data, publishing and editing, and cultural organizations. 



Q: What do you hope to learn while working with the Coastal Institute?
A: I hope to gain a more intimate knowledge of current trends and concepts in the environmental sciences. In particular, I hope to cultivate the most effective ways to communicate this knowledge, and begin to think about how the humanities can supplement and enhance these goals. Finally, I hope to further my knowledge of hands on approaches to environmental educational outreach as it is implemented by an organization whose primary methods of public engagement are not classroom instruction.

Q: What is a fun or little known fact about you?
A: I am a vegan who doesn’t really like vegetables, though I love to cook with them in ways that drown their healthiness in delicious fats. Though I have been in academia most of my adult life, I was entrenched in the culinary world for longer. My favorite thing to cook was bacon because the smell has a strange power over people, myself included.

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