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Job Search & Career Planning Resources

MLA Job Sites for Positions in Business, Government, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Connected Academics (MLA)

Versatile PhD


PhD Career Guide

American Philosophical Association, “Beyond Academia”

From the Harvard Business Review, “Writing Your Résumé When Your Job Title Doesn’t Reflect Your Responsibilities”

From University Affairs, “Advice for PhDs Seeking Non-Faculty Jobs”


General Resources

The UNC Chapel Hill Alt-Ac Project

Katina Rogers Resources

The Scholarly Communication Institute Report: Humanities Unbound: Supporting Careers and Scholarship Beyond the Tenure Track

Integrative Academic Solutions


Resources from PhD Career Coaches

From PhD to Life

Lilli Research Group Resources


Articles, Blogs, and Podcasts

Leonard Cassuto, “Documenting What PhDs Do for a Living,” Chronicle Vitae

Melissa Dalgleish, “Alt-ac Ph.D.s should take advantage of the myriad campus career development opportunities”

Alt-Ac Advisor

Heidi Guisto on PhD Career Guide

Heidi Giusto, “Stop Defending Your Dissertation” at Integrative Academic Solutions blog

Donna Bickford & Anne Mitchell Whisnant, “Building a Corps of Administrator-Scholars,” The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Professor is In

What Are All the PhDs?

Ashley Sanders, “Going Alt-Ac: How To Begin,” Inside Higher Ed

Interview with Donna Bickford by Kim Wickham, URI English: A Graduate Student Blog

Susanna Basalla May and Risa Nystrom McDonell, “Coffee in 2002, a Job Offer in 2004,” The Chronicle of Higher Education

David B. Searls, “Ten Simple Rules for Choosing Between Industry and Academia”

InsideHigherEd Carpe Careers

Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae Blog

GradLogic Blog

Jobs on Toast

Transition Q&A with Kenna Barrett

The Alt-Ac World of Fundraising













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