Coastal Environment

URI’s specializations in oceanography are among the University’s greatest strengths, including research on the coastal environment conducted in the world-renowned Graduate School of Oceanography and the College of the Environment and Life Sciences and the initiatives carried out by the Coastal Institute. The Humanities at Large committee’s work on the coastal environment will be mainly campus-based. The subcommittee in this area will work on program collaboration, innovative curriculum, and the development of experiential learning opportunities.

Coastal Environment Subcommittee

Judith Swift, Director, URI Coastal Institute

Tiffany Smythe, Coastal Management Extension Specialist

John King, Professor, Oceanography

Caroline Druschke, Assoc. Professor, Writing and Rhetoric; Natural Resources Science

Molly Hall, Graduate Student, English; Coastal Institute Fellow

Ashton Foley, Graduate Student, English

Alanna Casey, Graduate Student, Marine Affairs


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