The Viral Immunity and Pathogenesis Laboratory is a ~2,400 sq ft BSL-2 laboratory with dedicated tissue culture space and molecular biology space. Major equipment includes:

  • Class IIA biosafety cabinets (5)
  • CO2 incubators (5; one equipped with refrigeration for 28°C culture)
  • Refrigerated centrifuges (2)
  • Liquid nitrogen storage tanks (6; combined capacity >100,000 vials)
  • Ultralow temperature freezers (5; combined capacity >100,000 vials)
  • Inverted microscope
  • EVOSfl fluorescence microscope (includes GFP, RFP, DAPI, and Cy5 cubes, 100× oil immersion objective)
  • Nexcelom Cellometer T4 and Mini automated cell counters
  • PCR hood
  • QIAcube (automated nucleic acid isolation)
  • QIAgility (liquid handler/automated PCR assay setup)
  • Bio-Rad dual 48-well PCR machine
  • Bio-Rad CFX96 real-time PCR machine
  • Bio-Rad Chemi-Doc XRS imager
  • Envision multilabel plate reader (includes filters for fluorescence, luminescence, and AlphaScreen)
  • BioTek Cytation3 cell imaging plate reader
  • Bio-Rad Bioplex 200 Luminex
  • MACSQuant-10 flow cytometer (3 lasers, 8-color capacity)
  • BD LSRII flow cytometer (4 lasers, 12-color capacity)
  • CTL S5 UV ELISpot reader and analyzer
  • Miltenyi AutoMACS
  • 10x Genomics Chromium Controller
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