These yearbook photos span 125 years, from the first Grist—or at least, the first we could find that featured individual photos, in 1899—to 2015. The odds are good that one of them was your classmate. Captured every five years, these students show us how times have changed, and how they haven’t. We were enchanted by their expressions, their hairstyles and clothes, and the idea that their lives were just launching. As you browse through them, we hope you wonder about them, too. What did they do after college? Did they marry, stay in Rhode Island, move far away, raise kids, devote themselves to some cause or profession? What trials did life send them? Were they happy? Taken together, each at a pivotal time in their lives, they tell the story of who University of Rhode Island students are—creatures of our time and culture, to be sure, yet with more in common than not. —Pippa Jack