Hurricanes generate strong surface waves, which in turn create drag, slowing the surface winds.
 Oceanography Professor Isaac Ginis on improvements his team has made to modeling for the 2016 hurricane season.

I am encouraged that you are here, and I hope you are, too…By coming together today, and looking at each other’s faces, we see that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

President David M. Dooley, during one of the campus vigils held this summer following violent incidents across the country.

There were students who said they were struggling with their weight, with eating disorders, with sexual assault… These are things that are happening in our schools, and yet nobody wants to talk about them. 

Elizabeth Miceli ’17, about talking to students at her former high school in North Kingstown, R.I., following the release of her novel Barren. A sequel, Consumed, is expected this fall.

France is a wealthy country but under pressure to change. The entire country of Cuba is now a laboratory for social change…Cooperativism may hold promise for both.

Professor Richard McIntyre, chair of URI’s economics department, who has received the Visiting Chair of the Americas at the Institut des Ameriques in Rennes, France.

“Which brings us to the philosophical question: Are we in control of our personalities and consciousness, or are we simply under that impression while the chemicals and neurotransmitters control our personalities? And what really is consciousness, if it can be altered through ingestion of different substances? “
Bailey Mallon ‘15, who will examine how recreational drugs can change someone’s personality at the National Institute for Drug Abuse this year.

“The tremendous burden of brain disease in human suffering, its high cost to society and the paucity of new treatments are contributing to an emerging health crisis. Research advances over the past decade illuminate the critical importance of neuroinflammation as exacerbating or causing brain disease. This missing link opens an entirely new area for therapeutic development. “

Stevin Zorn, president and CEO of MindImmune Therapeutics, a Rhode Island drug discovery venture that will work with URI’s George & Anne Ryan Institute for Neuroscience and College of Pharmacy.

This year’s squad was more than half novice. So we reset to create 100 percent novice crews.
 Men’s Rowing Coach Bob Gillette, explaining how the club sport finished its 50th anniversary season with regional and national gold for its novice eight.