2005 Recipients


2005 Student Employee Award Recipient

Melissa Harrington – “has devoted her work career at URI to the Aquatics program, having been an employee for over 10 semesters and summers. She has developed personal growth as well as responsibility and has attained role of head guard because of her hard work and dedication. Her supervisor says that “Melissa is one of our most respected student leaders/employees. She has been most helpful making our program responsive to students, faculty, and staff of the university.”Melissa also makes posters to promote events for the pool and is a fantastic organizer. She has worked hard to bring the community and campus together so they can each enjoy what the Tootell program has to offer. Melissa has been a member of Student Senate as well, and triple majors in Marketing, International Business, and French while maintaining a 3.9 GPA.



2005 Student Leadership Award Recipient


Katie Stailing – is a member and Captain of the Women’s Basketball Team, President of RAM Choices, member of the Peer Advocate Program, and member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. These are just a few of the programs Katie is connected to. She has endured a long road with the basketball team facing five surgeries to repair her injuries over her four-year career. She believes that it opened other doors on campus that would not have otherwise appeared. Katie believes that the path on which she was headed changed numerous times. She realizes that “life isn’t about just achieving a single dream or goal. It is about adapting to new and sometimes unpleasant situations and turning the most negative and desperate times into the most positive and rewarding times.”A journalism major with a minor in history and a 3.13 GPA, Katie hopes to pursue a career in marketing or advertising and work on her master’s degree part-time.



2005 Team Excellence Award Recipients

College of Pharmacy Student Leadership Council –established two and a half years ago, The Student Leadership Council, or SLC, has been focused and committed to increase student involvement in professional activities within both the college and the surrounding community. This leadership group has also worked to improve academic qualities and encourage professional sessions in the field of pharmacy. The SLC operates under four fundamental tenets: to foster a sense of community in the College of Pharmacy; to promote academic reform; to advocate health and disease prevention; and to promote political advocacy in the field of pharmacy. This team is comprised of a number of students who all work together forming one voice in efforts to bring the community in bonds with school activities. As each member strives to become a leader, each performs different tasks, while all have equal abilities and work together as a unit without a hierarchy. By working collaboratively, this team has created and organized a variety of activities ranging from educational events to social activities for students and faculty, as well as the community outside of URI.

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