2017 Recipients


2017 Student Employee Award Recipient


Shade Olowookere  

Shade Olowookere ‘17
Hometown: Woonsocket, RI
Major: Health Studies
Minor: Business

A senior Health Studies Major and Business minor, Shade is a strong, intelligent, and admirable student. Her leadership capabilities lie both in range of service and in her positive influence on other students here at URI. Shade believes that being a student leader on campus offers opportunities for learning and development; she also believes that being involved in college is essential. She has made these beliefs come to fruition through both her job as a Senior Building Manager in the Memorial Union and also as a key member of DRIVE, M.U.S.I.C, and DIVE RI. These organizations bring diversity, education, guidance, and inspiration to students both here at URI and in the community. Shade’s passion and drive possess the essence of a leader entirely. After graduating from URI, Shade will continue her education by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

2017 Robert L. Carothers Servant Leadership Award Recipients

Samuel Klemarczyk


Samuel Klemarczyk ‘17
Hometown:  Exeter, NH
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Leadership Studies

Sam Klemarczyk is a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Leadership Studies. Sam’s journey to servant leadership started in his sophomore year of high school when he attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Little did he know he was embarking on one of the most meaningful experiences in his life; one that would change his future forever. Sam stated that in that first summer at RYLA, he “realized the impact I could have on others in my community, in school, and around the world. I felt compelled to act on that ability.” Since then, Sam has completely dedicated his energy to serving others. From his outstanding dedication to the Center for Student Leadership, to founding the student organization Rotaract, and through his continuing devotion to RYLA, the program that started it all – Sam inspires and empowers everyone that crosses his path. As an aspiring educator in the experiential and higher education fields, his journey is just beginning.


2017 Student Leadership Award Recipient


Mariam Temitayo Odetunde

Mariam Temitayo Odetunde ‘17
Hometown:  Providence, RI
Major: General Business Administration
Minor: Honors Program

When asked, “Why are you involved at URI?” Mariam Temitayo simply stated, “I need to be involved!” She describes herself as a giver saying that giving to others gives her life.  As the president of the Alima International Dance Association on campus, Tayo has learned that everyone’s part matters and how to be confident and secure in who she is.  She has applied this through her involvement with Jumpstart, OASIS and Youth in Action as well as her position as a Community Management Intern. One of her recommenders stated that, “It is inspiring to me to see the synergistic effect of formal curriculum and student leadership having a profound impact on a student as it has with Tayo.” Her 3.8 GPA proves that she puts as much into her academics as she does into her involvement.  In looking back at her time at URI, Tayo is thankful to the Memorial Union for providing a space on campus for diversity and to the Talent Development program without which she says she would not be where she is today.


2017 Team Excellence Award Recipients


M.U.S.I.C. (Multicultural Unity and Student Involvement Council) is a student organization that serves as an umbrella and representative council of the student organizations affiliated with the URI Multicultural Student Services Center. For the past three years, M.U.S.I.C. has held an annual conference called DIVE RI. (Diversifying Individuals Via Education Rhode Island), which seeks to educate college students about pertinent issues of racial and ethnic diversity in higher education. The conference is a completely student planned and run event. The goal is to enhance life for students on campus by promoting conversation and education around a variety of issues including race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and religion. DIVE’s participants are passionate about change. Word of the success of the conference has spread beyond Rhode Island, and one executive member shared that a student from Boston University attended and was impressed enough to bring the idea back to BU.

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