Rainville 2018 Recipients


2018 Recipients


2018 Student Employee Award Recipient


Romanuel Percy

Romanuel Percy ‘18
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Major: Political Science and Communications

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, born and raised, Romanuel Ed Percy decided to accept his Talent Development admission to the University of Rhode Island for the fall of 2014. He started as an undeclared student and quickly found his passion for political science and communications. With his intent to graduate in spring 2018, Ro decided to embark on an ambitious leadership journey exploring the worlds of orientation, URI 101, housing and residential life, Student Senate and DIVE RI, just to name a few. When speaking about his best trait, his nominator said “I think of his bandwidth—his capacity to learn a new skill and execute…he has learned tasks such as mail merging that stumps veteran
professional staff members. He can facilitate a conversation about white privilege and guilt, keeping in mind the many layers of difficulty. He can act in a play in front of 3,400 students and 2,200 family members. He can write curriculum for a class geared towards leadership development…all the while doing the URI fight song…Ro has created a lot of agency for himself to explore his leadership and work style. I am in awe of what he can accomplish and perplexed at the depth he employs to make sure the job gets done right.”.

2018 Robert L. Carothers Servant Leadership Award Recipient



Shannon McIsaac ‘18
Hometown: Avon, MA
Major: Nursing
Minor: Leadership Studies

A leader who radiates “service above self” and believes we should all “do what we can where we are,” Shannon has built upon her core values and talents to share her passion for URI and to inspire her peers in the Student Alumni Association, the Crew team, the Student Organization Leadership Consultants, and as President of Rotaract. Driven by her desire to make “a sustainable legacy rooted in the service to others”, Shannon has utilized her nursing clinical to develop a prototype respite care program for children with disabilities that can be utilized at other institutions. Shannon’s “commitment to the growth of the people” is evident in her roles as a teaching assistant, a volunteer for the Special Olympics, as a previous Leadership Institute Peer Leader, and as a personal care attendant. As one of her recommenders stated, “Shannon builds a sense of self empowerment within the hearts and minds of others… It is through her diligence to her organizations and her compassion towards others that she is able to take members of this university to heights of which they never conceived.” Shannon’s empathetic leadership style and core focus on developing the capacity of others will serve her well in her next steps in as a health care provider.


2018 Student Leadership Award Recipient


Hailey Flavin

Hailey Flavin ‘18
Hometown: Rumford, RI
Major: Journalism
Minor: Leadership Studies

Hailey transferred to URI as a sophomore and immediately started making an impact. In her first semester on campus she was elected New Member Education Chair for the Panhellenic Council and it changed not only her outlook on a unfortunate situation but also her future career goals. Hailey believes that you need to “give people room to challenge themselves” and has put that into practice as a founder Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals (ASAP), teaching assistant for Greek 101 mentors and leadership Peer Educators, and as President of the Panhellenic Council. In addition to all of this, and maintaining a 3.75 GPA, Hailey has brought Miracle Network Dance Marathon, known here as Rhodython, to URI to benefit Children’s Miracle Network. Hailey has been described as “truly dedicated to helping other students and making URI… a stronger,
inclusive environment.” As she graduates URI in May, Hailey looks to continue her passion for positively impacting college campuses as she begins a Master’s program in Student Affairs Administration and Higher Education at Texas A&M University.


2018 Team Excellence Award Recipients


is a student organization that helps ideas become reality. Through “Impact Labs” the goal is to develop the members innovative thinking and help planning the process of making ideas into reality. ChangeFest is an event hosted by Thrive were students from all over Rhode Island are welcomed to the University to come up with ideas on how to improve their campuses. The student-teams make plans on how to execute their idea and have to pitch this to a board. The best pitches will receive funding to help make their ideas a reality. Some results from ChangeFest has been the creation of websites and phone applications. This year Thrive launched a new event, Social Change: Concept to Reality. This workshop focused on teaching students how to create social change, build connections and develop skills to spark innovation on campus. Thrive considers themselves as a “family” and are passionate about their work in Thrive.

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