Mass Spectrometry

LC/Mass Spectrometers


AB SCIEX TripleTOF 4600 system

The AB SCIEX TripleTOF 4600 system includes a mass spectrometer, a DuoSpray™ ion source, and a computer running the Analyst TF software. The DuoSpray ion source combines a Turbo Ion Spray (TSI) probe and an APCI (atmospheric pressure chemical ionization) probe in a single ion source housing.
Unique features include: increased sensitivity with QJet Ion Guide and Accelerator TOF Anayzer;  SmartSpeed 100Hz Acquisition; select up to 50 precursors and get high resolution MS/MS results using IDA (information-dependent acquisition) algorithms.

AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600 system

The AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600 system includes a mass spectrometer, a DuoSpray™ ion source, a High frequency LINAC® Collision Cell, an Accelerator TOF Analyzer, a Detection system, and a computer running the Analyst TF 1.7.1 software. Key features include enhanced selectivity with differential ion mobility, robust spray with the DuoSpray™ Turbo V Source, comprehensive coverage with data-independent SWATH acquisition, and maximize flexibility with front end separations. The AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600 system is coupled to an Acquity UPLC H-Class system for chromatographic separation.


The Shimadzu Prominence UFLC system

Both mass spectrometers have Shimadzu Prominence UFLC systems which provides 10 times faster separation than conventional LC with a reduction of total analysis cycle time and three times better separation.





Elemental Analyzer (ICP-MS)

The iCAP Q ICP-MS has been developed with groundbreaking technology to enable advanced high-performance analysis combined with total reliability and ultra-flexibility.

  • Ergonomically designed quadrupole ICP-MS with smallest bench space available
  • Innovative RAPID (Right Angle Positive Ion Deflection) lens technology (90° ion optics done right) for separation of ions and neutrals
  • High-performance quadrupole analyzer is pumped by a novel split flow turbo pump backed by a single rotary
  • New, simultaneous analog/PC detector with real time multi-channel analyzer  electronics provides >9 orders of dynamic range suitable for both steady state and transient signal analysis


MALDI TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometer
The AXIMA Performance is a MALDI-TOF/TOF instrument with a 50Hz nitrogen laser, up to 384 sample target capability and automated software.  With the ability to perform high energy collisional-induced dissociation (CID), the instrument can provide highly informative MS/MS spectra for a variety of compounds including peptides, sugars, lipids, small molecules, etc. This instrument provides high sensitivity and resolution using the curved field reflectron for MS/MS without re-acceleration.