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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Sami Doner

Topic: Performance-based design of novel blast-resistant materials  

Rakesh Paswan

Topic: Microencapsulated PCMs in Concrete for enhanced durability against freeze-thaw damage

Jonathan Villada

Topic: 3D Printed Composites for Multifunctional Applications 

Bolaji Oladipo

Topic: Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of 3D printed Composites 


Veronica Sapegin

Topic: Composite Structures for Deep Sea Applications

Rebecca Meyers

Topic: Design of microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to mitigate Freeze-Thaw damage in Concrete

Anir Gubbala

Topic: Thermal Performance of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in Concrete

Rose Shayer

Topic: Multiscale Performance of Composite Wind Turbine Blades

Alex Worrell

Topic: Design and Development of Bio-derived Polymer Resins for Structural Composite Applications. 


Austin Trefes 

Topic: Environment-friendly Engineered Bamboo Lumber for Structural Applications


Habib Sarhan

Topic: Novel approaches to enable 3D printing of cementitious composites

Gerardo Santizo

Topic: Novel approaches to reduce freeze-thaw damage in cementitious materials

Abdulaziz AlObeikan

Topic: Rheological behavior of cementitious composites

Syed Shah

Topic: Durability of polymer composite materials


Sumeru Nayak (PhD, 2020)

Topic: Multiscale and multiphysics modelling of durable structural materials 

Claire Drexler (MS,2021)

Topic: Corn Cob Lightweight Concrete for Non-Structural Applications

Paul_Schmidt_PhotoPaul Schmidt (MS, 2017)

Thesis: Performance of a Novel Sustainable Binder Under Extreme Dynamic Loading Conditions 

Kevin DonilonKevin Donilon (MS, 2017)

Project: Dynamic fracture and fragmentation of quasi-brittle materials

Gideon Lyngdoh (PHD 2022)

Topic: Molecular Dynamics Simulations for Computational Design of  Materials

Nora-Kristin Kelter (MS, 2021)

Topic: Mechanical behavior of auxetic cementitious cellular composites: Experiments and Simulations

Andreas Schwarz (MS,2021)

Topic: Utilization of desert sand in concrete: A sustainable approach

Kay Ackermann (MS, 2018)

Thesis: Self-sensing concrete for structural health monitoring of smart infrastructure
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