Club Sports Team Resources


Policies and Procedures

Financial Forms

FormSubmission Instruction
Purchase RequisitionSubmit this form to open a Purchase Order (PO). PO must be approved before any financial commitments are made.
Payment RequestSubmit this form to request a payment. PO must be opened beforehand. Invoice must be attached.
Officials Payment Form (PDF)Print this form prior to any competition and ask the officials to complete it upon completion of the contest. Submit the completed form to the Club Sports Office.
Gas/Mileage Reimbursement (PDF)Each driver should complete this form within 5 days of returning from a trip. Treasurers must submit the form via Payment Request
W-9 (PDF)Use this IRS form to collect SSNs and EINs from vendors and individuals
Contingency RequestUse this form to request contingency funding from CSIC. Contingency funds may be used for the purchase of major capital items expected to last 4 years or more. Club Sport teams can submit one contingency request per year.
Nationals Funding Request (xls)Use this form to request funding to attend a national championship. Submit the completed form to the Coordinator of Club Sports at least one week in advance of any CSIC Meeting

Forms on DoSportsEasy

FormSubmission InstructionsSubmission Deadline
Participant RegistrationPrior to engaging in team activity
Fundraiser Approval FormInstructions Two weeks in advance
Event ScheduleInstructions Two weeks in advance
Travel ApprovalInstructionsOne week in advance
Game/Event SummaryInstructionsWithin 5 days after the event