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  • Episode 31: Shaping up the Summer with Dr. Missimer May 10, 2022 -   We finish the semester of Spring 22 by finishing up the FloURIsh acronym. The H in the flourish acronym means physical activity, health, and nutrition. Join us in talking with Dr. Missimer about why she loves the field of nutrition, what got her started, how we can stop the mindset of having to change… Continue »
  • Episode 30: Safety and Resources On and Off Campus March 30, 2022 - TW: Discussion of sexual assault, drugs, and other personal safety issues. As young college students, it is crucial to make your safety a priority and understand the resources and protection available to you. Ilayna and Allison are joined by a special guest, Alex O'Connor, a junior criminal justice major interning with the URI police department.… Continue »
  • Episode 29: Leila Cox March 7, 2022 -   On this episode of the Holistic Podcast, Ilayna is joined by special guest, Leila Cox, a senior Communications and Journalism major here at URI. Leila is the Director of Communications for the Student Senate, a staff writer for the Good Five Cent Cigar, as well as one of the three founders of the Black… Continue »
  • Episode 25: Savoring Positive Emotions During Finals December 8, 2021 - As finals season quickly approaches, it is important to keep a positive mindset admit all the stress. This week, Ilayna and Allison give some tips on focusing on the good, rather than letting yourself get overwhelmed!       Interested in becoming a well-being coach, or co-podcast host? Let us know Continue »
  • Episode 24: Thriving or Surviving – How Are You Feeling? November 17, 2021 - Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Or are you totally in control this semester? Either way, it is good to check in with yourself and take time to unwind. In this episode, Ilayna and Allison discuss how to relax and put your mental health first, despite all that you may be doing in your busy schedule.  … Continue »

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