Summer Sailing


Sailing is one of the few sports where size, physical strength, and gender, are equalized on the water. The URI instructional program is based on camaraderie, respect, fun, and learning. It is our hope that the skills learned in our programs will provide the foundation to learn lifelong skills.

Our Team is dedicated to promoting recreational sailing, proper instruction, water safety, and environmental responsibility in a friendly, welcoming environment. On behalf of the Sailing Staff, Instructors, and the Department of Campus Recreation we are excited that you choose to spend the summer with us.

Sailing camps include kids as young as six years old, sailing with an instructor or volunteer, and eight-year-olds sailing themselves in our Optis. Our instructors use inquiry-based, experiential teaching techniques as they cover topics such as buoyancy, simple machines on sailboats, wind power, and water quality testing.

Summer Sailing Program Fleet

The 8′ Optimist Pram is a perfect boat for beginner sailors. The Optimist is easily sailed by our young sailors due to its wide stable hull, making it hard to tip over. Water automatically drains from the boat, making it safe to sail, and are appealing in their multiple color options. The Optimist is made of a safe, virtually unbreakable plastic that is very forgiving when you bump other boats or land at the dock.

The RS Quest is a 14′ dinghy that can accommodate two or more sailors depending on their size. It’s simple, fun, and stable to sail, and can be used by older beginners all the way through our more advanced sailors. The boom is high above people’s head for safety, and the boat is also made with rotomoulded plastic. That means you can bump into things–but our skilled sailing instructors will teach you how to not do that!

Our intermediate and more advanced sailor will get to sail brand new Club 420’s. These boats have a trapeze and spinnaker which are more advanced skills and a lot of fun to learn.