Support for the Trans and Non-Binary Community

The URI Counseling Center’s mission is to facilitate the emotional wellbeing of our students, including our trans and non-binary students; as such, it is a priority that we address and confront hurt or potential hurt when we see it.

We want our entire community to know that we unequivocally oppose any speech which is experienced by trans and nonbinary individuals as harmful. We stand against negative stereotypes and false information about disenfranchised groups, including or especially when these messages are delivered by persons in positions of power, privilege, and immunity.

Trans and non-binary people continue to be recipients of reactionary hate. We recognize that this hate and stigma puts trans and non-binary people at a higher risk of being victims of violence, including homicide, of dying by suicide, and suffering with mental health conditions. These risks are particularly high for trans women of color. We recognize that the only agenda trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people have is to live their lives freely, without hate or stigma, and in accordance with their lived and felt experience as people. We stand in solidarity with our trans and nonbinary community members.

We welcome our students to talk with us in a confidential setting about their gender identity, any experiences of discrimination, subordination, hate, or negation they experience, or other life stressors. We, as a staff, remain steadfast in our commitment to participating in relevant training on best practices in supporting and working with trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming students.

For further resources, please see our Trans and Non-Binary Resources Page.

We wish you peace, happiness, growth, and success, and we are here if you need us.

The URI Counseling Center Staff