URI/RIC Joint Ph.D. in Education

The Joint Ph.D. program with Rhode Island College is no longer accepting applications and will officially close when current students graduate. Prospective students interested in a doctoral degree in education can learn about the new URI Ph.D. program in Education which will begin in fall 2024.


Program Co-Directors: Peter Adamy (URI), Patricia Cordeiro (RIC)

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SchoolResearch Interests
Peter AdamyURIUse of technology in the classroom
Gerri AugustRICTransformative pedagogy; Training teachers on diversity
Stefan BattleRICBlack males and the racial disparity concerns for them living in the U.S.; school-based social work; and the White teacher, Black male teacher-student classroom relationships and interactions in K-12 education.
Jeremy BensonRICCritical educational policy studies, the political economy of urban education, critical race theory and educational inequality, policing and mass incarceration, social justice education.
Lesley BogadRICCritical Theory
Susan Trostle BrandURIEmergent literacy; Early childhood curriculum
C. David BrellRICPhilosophy of education; Critiques of modernism and post-modernism
Tashal BrownURICritical literacies and examinations of social injustice and liberatory pedagogies in K-12 schools, teacher education, and community-based learning spaces.
David ByrdURIPreparation of beginning teachers; Teacher professional development
Karen CastagnoRICAdapted physical education and sport
Lazaro Camacho, Jr.URIAccess and equity through a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to student success; critical and intersectional exploration of issues centering men and masculinities, Latino men, socialization through systems of oppression and privilege, mentorship, and community college based educational pathways; qualitative methodologies.
Lori CiccomascoloURIPhysical education and physical activity in urban populations
Emily ClaphamURINew physical education, girls sport and physical activity participation and ocean therapy for children with disabilities
Julie CoiroURIStrategic reading comprehension instruction;
digital literacy and online reading comprehension; inquiry-based learning. Effective practices for technology integration and effective practices for professional development
Cornelis (Kees) de GrootURIRealistic teacher education; Learning transitions in mathematics; Mathematics interdisciplinary connections
Terry DeeneyURILiteracy teacher education/professional development; Clinical teacher preparation; Literacy assessment and instruction for students who struggle; Dyslexia and learning disabilities
Ronald DufourRICCultural discourse in 18th and early 19th century New England; Creation of the national identity in the early republic; Jazz, blues, and American culture
John EagleRICHome-school-community partnerships; Conjoint behavioral consultation; Parental involvement in schools; School-based problem solving teams; Response to Intervention (RTI)
Tommy EnderRICCritical Qualitative Research Methods; Latino Studies; Urban Education; Social Studies Education; Music and History.
David FastovskyURIGeobiology and paleontology
Jay FoglemanURIScience education; Professional development and teacher learning
Anne GoodrowRICChildren's mathematical thinking; Teachers & professional development in elementary mathematics
Adrienne GossRICeducation policy, and parent and community organizing
Wayne HeURISecond language acquisition; implementing proficiency-based teaching and assessment in the URI Chinese Language Flagship Program (CFP)
Renee HobbsURIDigital and media literacy education; Educational multimedia; Copyright and fair use in education; Student multimedia production
Julie HorwitzRICNew teacher mentoring; Self-study; Critical reflection; Action research
Rabia HosURITESOL/Bilingual-Dual Language Education; Service Learning; supporting newcomer immigrant and refugee students with interrupted formal education
Janet JohnsonRICLiteracies associated with social justice; Identity performances and literacy practices of pre-service teachers; Teacher research as a vehicle for social change
Kayon Murray-JohnsonURIAdult and higher education; Creative Teaching Strategies; Faculty Development; Multicultural Education; Immigrant and International Students’ Learning Experiences
Diane KernURIComprehension Strategy Instruction; Teacher Education in English Language Arts and Literacy
Virginia Killian-LundURIMultimodal composition; maker pedagogies; out of school and place-based learning; participatory action research.
Hyunjin KimURITeacher education; educational policies and practices in early childhood education (ECE) and early childhood workforce; teacher efficacy and motivation to teach; multicultural education; evidence-based teaching and learning.
Paul LaCavaRICSocial/emotional methods; Evidence based practices in autism; Empathy
Marie LynchRICIdentification/evaluation of learning-based and other disabilities; Effective practices to include students with disabilities; Understanding how children/adolescents broker language for their non-English speaking parents; Access/equity of mathematics for all students
Corinne McKameyRICYouth development; Formal and informal learning contexts; The role of subjectivity in research, teaching, and learning; Qualitative research methods (narrative analysis, cultural analysis of discourse, arts based methods
Paul Bueno de MesquitaURINonviolence, violence prevention, school-based mental health services, social emotional development, problem-based learning, cultural diversity, self-efficacy, inquiry science education
Ying Hui-MichaelRICCulturally and linguistically responsive practices for bilingual students with special education needs, teacher preparation for culturally and linguistically diverse students, Asian American students, cross-cultural communication, and attribution theory.
Kathy PenoURILearning organizations; Social cognition; Adult development; Informal learning
Victoria RestlerRICCritical qualitative and arts-based research methodologies; educational care labor and emotion work; critical race studies and institutional whiteness.
Leslie SchusterRICHistorical inquiry
Minsuk ShimURIQuantitative research methods in examining school effects and changes; Educational equity; Policy analysis
Sara SweetmanURIChildren’s media and learning experiences; Large scale systemic reform; Innovative pedagogies for STEM education; Ongoing professional learning for educators
Shane TutwilerURIModeling growth in student learning and attitudes; Modeling change in student behavior in educational virtual environments; Application of Bayesian methodologies to educational research
Annemarie VaccaroURICollege student development and gender, race, class and sexual orientation; Critical and feminist perspectives related to inequalities in society and social structures in higher education; Qualitative research methods
W. Grant WillisURIDevelopmental cognitive neuro-psychology and psycho-educational decision making
Jing Jian XiaoURIFamily financial issues; Family resource management; Research methods
Susan ZollRICEarly childhood workforce development, early language and literacy interventions aligned to reading research, video analysis, and Montessori education