Equipped for Oceanography

A work day at sea for oceanographers and the ship’s crew often includes putting an awkward and/or heavy package over the side.

marine techs keep watch

Handling Equipment

R/V Narragansett Dawn will be equipped with a suite of over-the-side handling equipment. Located on the weather deck at the stern is the articulated, heavy lifting A-frame. A main crane can reach the entire aft deck. Equipment for CTD (conductivity, temperature, depth) casting, including instrumentation and a launch and recovery system is an integral part of the vessel’s functionality. Below, on the 01 Deck, one will find the oceanographic traction winch and a hydrographic winch. A portable crane, portable winch, and portable side A-frame will also be standard equipment.


Narragansett Dawn will have propulsion and navigation systems that make precise station-keeping and track-line maneuvering possible. Water-column sampling and data collection, sediment coring and deployment, and recovery of scientific packages relies on that capability.


To support acoustically sensitive instruments (and to make the ship more livable), the vessel has been designed to minimize underwater and airborne noise. A suite of acoustic devices will include multibeam sonars, acoustic doppler current profilers and fisheries sonars.

Green Scheme

“Green Ship” features for hull, propulsion, electrical, auxiliary and pollution control systems will minimize the vessel’s environmental footprint.

Exact Details

A complete list of specs and equipment is offered by Oregon State University.