Inner Space Center

Technology, Research, and Outreach Combined

The Inner Space Center is an international hub for ocean science exploration and education. Through its advanced facilities, the Inner Space Center expands the number of scientists engaged in live expeditions and inspires the next generation of ocean explorers. It is an international leader in ocean science education and outreach, promoting ocean literacy in diverse audiences. It is home to some of the largest ocean science education and outreach initiatives in the country, and serves as the hub for the National COSEE Network and the Climate Change Education Partnership Alliance. The ISC also offers a variety of tours, field experiences, and interpretive programs for students, educators, and the public.

Telepresence Solutions

Telepresence is the ability to interact with things or do work in a remote location without physically being there. The Inner Space Center provides telepresence systems and streaming expertise.

  • At-sea Telepresence Support
    • Satellite and internet bandwidth management
    • Mobile Telepresence Unit (MTU)
    • On-site MTU technician
  • On-shore Telepresence Support
    • Custom video and audio delivery solutions
    • Video recording and data management
    • In-residence science team support in mission control

Media Solutions

In today’s world, people communicate with digital media. We specialize in translating complex scientific and research concepts and accomplishments. As residents of the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, we know what it takes to conduct scientific research, experiments and exploration. Our staff is regularly out in the field in collaboration with scientists and students.

  • High quality photography including portraits, marketing material, corporate style
  • Audio recording, including podcast, radio interviews, natural soundscapes
  • On-site videography, including interviews, documenting the project and producing marketing media

Education Solutions

  • Live interactions
  • K-16 resources
  • Professional development

Research-specific educational programs can be developed, including live interactions, K-16 resources, and professional development. ISC education staff will tailor the products to the objectives of the project and the audiences involved. In addition, the ISC coordinates and produces a variety of online and printed education resources for K-16 audiences. Resources can be expedition-specific or cover broad ocean science topics.