Science Saturday 2021

Ocean Science for the Ocean State

This family-friendly day, spent on GSO’s campus at the shore of Narragansett Bay, offered the latest in coastal and ocean exploration, discovery, and science.

September 18 — Now THAT was a fun day…

Cooperative weather and a great turnout

Faculty, staff and students from across the Narragansett Bay Campus welcomed more than two thousand friends, neighbors and future scientists to behind-the-scenes tours, interactive experiences and conversations with a wide variety of ocean experts!

Under the big top, dozens of exhibits provided a glimpse at the fascinating science and research taking place on the Narragansett Bay Campus. In a festive environment, scores of faculty and students staffed tables to share their work and inspire guests to consider how ocean science impacts the planet and all of us.

Meanwhile, around campus, guests enjoyed fair autumn weather as they ambled out from Knauss Quad to various special tours and attractions that included an underwater acoustics demonstration at ocean engineering facilities, exhibits at the Marine Geological Samples Lab and Ann Gall Durbin Aquarium, the Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center, an experience at the Inner Space Center and an “explosive” show about underwater volcanoes! R/V Endeavor was at her dock that day; so guests were encouraged to stop by, say hello, and get an up-close look at this venerable research vessel.

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Event Guide, Campus Map and Directions