Graduate School of Oceanography

URI’s Graduate School of Oceanography is one of the world’s premier academic institutions of oceanography and ocean exploration. GSO’s research, education, and outreach activities advance our knowledge of the world’s ocean.

Inner Space Center

Panoramic photo of the Inner Space Center's Mission Control, by Alex DeCiccio.

The Inner Space Center is an international hub for ocean science exploration and education. Through its advanced facilities, the Inner Space Center expands the number of scientists engaged in live expeditions and inspires the next generation of ocean explorers. It is an international leader in ocean science education and outreach, promoting ocean literacy in diverse audiences. It is home to some of the largest ocean science education and outreach initiatives in the country, and serves as the hub for the National COSEE Network and the Climate Change Education Partnership Alliance.  The ISC also offers a variety of tours, field experiences and interpretive programs for students, educators, and the public.


The Inner Space Center is an innovative leader, advancing ocean science exploration, research, and education.


The Inner Space Center (ISC) uses cutting edge technology, including telepresence, for ocean research, exploration, and education. The ISC generates accessible portals for ocean research, expanding the capacity for scientists to engage in real-time mission operations, while inspiring the next generation of ocean explorers. The ISC brings the excitement of ocean discoveries to onshore audiences worldwide.

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