The LBTQ+ Women’s Group:

is a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for URI’s lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer+ and questioning, women-identified students.

includes students from a variety of backgrounds

is fun, flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of its members

includes the support of URI Clinical Counselors, Holly Nichols, LMHC and Danielle Madden, LCSW

is welcoming to new members!

The Group may be right for you if:

you are or think you may be a lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer+ woman-identified student

you were raised female, but identify as trans*, non-binary or gender non-conforming

you are struggling, or have struggled, with your sexual and/or gender identity and would appreciate the support of others who understand.

Join us!

Tuesdays at 5PM 

New members are always welcome!

Interested in joining or have questions?  Call Holly Nichols, LMHC at 401-742-4910.

It Gets Better at URI: Coming Out for Change Documentary

In order to raise awareness of LGBTIQQ issues on campus, in 2011 The LBTQ Women’s Group produced It Gets Better at URI: Coming Out for Change. The film was created to send positive messages and inspire hope in LGBTIQQ students, faculty and staff on campus. The film also identified supportive faculty and staff here at URI. Check out the It Gets Better at URI page!

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