Why URI?

You can start and finish your degree in a small, beautiful place. You can thrive in a supportive environment. Your learning and research will take place in brand new facilities, with access to cutting edge technology. We could keep going, but we’ll let you look around and see for yourself.

Leading by Example

Beyond the classroom


Providing Value

  • 98% would choose URI
    if they started over
    AACP 2023 Annual Graduating Pharmacy Student Survey
    (82% National Average)
    US News and World Report
    2021 Best Graduate Schools

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Our Best Ambassadors

Our students are our best ambassadors. Meet some of our current students and recent grads and hear about their experiences at the College of Pharmacy—in their own words.

  • Marie Rodriguez ’21 - I would come back to URI in a heartbeat. The Pharmacy program definitely prepares you really well. The professors are so nice; you can talk to them about any questions and really have a connection. Even on rotations, everyone always notices that you’re from URI. They like URI students.
  • Emily Murray ’20 - I love URI, they have given me so much in terms of where I am today and how I’ve been able to progress as both a student and an individual.
  • Nicole Schwab ’19 - I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a pharmacist, pharmacy isn’t just pushing pills across the counter at someone; there is a whole other human side to it.
  • Joe Nardolillo ’18 - Pharmacy is probably the most close-knit major on this campus. It’s great to walk around the building and be welcomed by students and faculty who know your name. In the Hillside Living and Learning Community, there's a sense of family developed right from the beginning. By now, I feel as if I have so many people that care about me and hope to see me succeed
  • YooKyung (Erica) Lee ’18 - After living in Southern California for six years, I wanted to explore and study on the other side of the country. I looked for universities with great pharmacy programs and found URI, and When I visited on Welcome Day, I really loved the atmosphere of the campus and the students' positive vibe and school pride. All of it made me want to be part of the Rhody family.
  • Jared DeRossi ’16 - My favorite was a placement at Glen Cove Hospital back home in New York. I loved this rotation because it was something different. I work in retail, so everything was new and the staff there was really good at facilitating my learning. Also, I really liked going on rounds with the pharmacist to the different departments—e.g., Psych, Osteo, Rehab, etc—and seeing how the role of the pharmacist is changing in today’s world.
  • Lanh Dang ’14 - When I started looking into pharmacy, I liked how many different tracks a pharmacist can take. A pharmacist can work in the community, in a hospital, run a clinic with a medical team, do research, become a professor, etc. The possibilities are endless and always changing. I like the flexibility and options for pharmacy.

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