The College Tour

Come tour the University of Rhode Island and surrounding areas, including our beautiful beaches, alongside some of our incredible students. The full (30-minute) episode includes ten students, and covers everything from life on campus to our capital city. The shorter (3-minute) clips below feature each student individually, and tell their amazing stories.

Watch the Full Episode

Watch Individual Segments

Segment 1: Ocean of Opportunity
Sarah O’Sullivan, Marine Biology
Join Sarah on the Cap’n Burt research vessel as she shares her URI experience, filled with marine adventures, research, and travel. Read Sarah’s bio.
Segment 2: Meeting Big Thinkers
Joel Roache, Mechanical Engineering
Joel has had some unexpected experiences during his time at URI, and has remained active in both his studies and extracurriculars. Read Joel’s bio.
Segment 3: Global Thinking
Kate Dubois, International Studies/Diplomacy/Chinese
Through her experiences in the Chinese Flagship Program, Kate has been able to travel the world and bring what she has learned right back to campus and to her own research. Read Kate’s bio.
Segment 4: Small State, Big Opportunities
Brian Martin, Secondary Education/History
Join Brian as he travels around Rhode Island to Providence and historic Newport, sharing the ways you can take advantage of the littlest state with some big opportunities. Read Brian’s bio.
Segment 5: A Creative Mindset
Alana Parrott, Theatre
We invite you to the Robert E. Will Theatre where Alana is ready to share all the ways that she has been able to combine her love of the performing arts with her academics, research, and social justice. Read Alana’s bio.
Segment 6: Rhody Pride
Adam Blakemore, Supply Chain Management
Meet Adam, a URI legacy student, who has some deep ties to the Rhody community. Join him as he shares all the ways that he has been able to grow his own roots at URI while learning about our fantastic athletic facilities and beyond. Read Adam’s bio.
Segment 7: Coastal Campus
Emma Dallaire, Health Studies
Did you know that URI is located only 15 minutes away from some of New England’s most beautiful beaches? Hear from Emma who will share all the ways that our students take advantage of our coastal campus. Read Emma’s bio.
Segment 8: Home Away from Home
Sonika Tahiliani, Doctorate of Pharmacy
Meet Sonika, an international student from Dubai, who has made the most of her time at URI by getting involved in various organizations that work to support and mentor her fellow students. Read Sonika’s bio.
Segment 9: Leadership Excellence
Peyton Thiel, Data Science
URI students lead the way no matter what field they study. Peyton has gained valuable leadership experience by participating in the Leadership Institute, Alternative Spring Break, and Orientation. Read Peyton’s bio.
Segment 10: Support to Success
Jasmine Leal, Alumna/Class of 2019
Navigating college as a first generation student has its own unique challenges, but Jasmine was able to work through those obstacles and succeed because of the support she received at URI. Read Jasmine’s bio.