The M.S. and Ph.D. in Biological and Environmental Sciences (BES) are interdisciplinary, interdepartmental graduate degrees that involve faculty from multiple departments in URI’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS), including Biological SciencesCell and Molecular BiologyFisheries, Animal and Veterinary ScienceGeosciencesNatural Resources Science; and Plant Sciences; as well as faculty from the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences and the Graduate School of Oceanography.

GRE is no longer required for admission.


Cell and Molecular Biology

Students in the Cell and Molecular Biology graduate specialization receive interdisciplinary training in the research methods and concepts used to understand the molecular basis of life.

Ecology and Ecosystem Sciences

The Ecology and Ecosystems (EES) group brings together faculty and graduate students to solve problems at the forefront of ecology and ecosystem science.

Evolution and Marine Biology

This graduate group focuses on understanding the diversity of form and function of terrestrial and marine organisms.

Environmental and Earth Sciences (EVES)

This graduate research group focuses on the history, function, and condition of earth’s environments from local to global scales.

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS)

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAFS) graduate specialization takes a systems-based, interdisciplinary approach to the biological and environmental sciences…

BES Graduate Program Director
Marta Gomez-Chiarri, Professor,  Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science
College of the Environment and Life Sciences
Phone: 401-874-2917
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