Biological and Environmental Sciences M.S., Ph.D.

CMB Specialization: FAQs

What is the deadline for the receipt of completed applications?
The deadline for the receipt of completed applications is January 15 for admission to the Fall semester.

Do we accept late applications?
Yes, but applications received after the deadline may not be considered for Teaching Assistantships.

Do we accept applications for the spring semester?
No for the CMB Specialization. Yes for the other four Specializations, although spring applicants cannot be considered for Teaching Assistantships

Is an official transcript required with the application?
No, to apply upload an unofficial copy of your transcript(s). Official copies are only required after admission. Instructions for submitting the official transcript are provided in the admission letter.

Is a department code required for ordering GRE reports?
No, just fill in the school code for URI: 3919.

Will more than the required two reference letters be considered with an application?
Yes, all letters will be considered, although only two are required.

Is there a minimum GRE score that is required for admission to the program?
No, there is no set minimum score; however, admission is competitive and GRE scores are evaluated as part of the admission process.

Is there a minimum grade point average (GPA) required for admission to the program?
Admission is quite competitive and applicants with GPAs below 3.0 are rarely admitted.  Applicants with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.0 may be considered if there is other evidence of exceptional promise included with the application.  Possible sources of evidence include relevant professional experience as evidenced by publications or letters of recommendation, and/or high GRE test scores (90th percentile or above).

Is there a minimum TOEFL score required for admission to the program?
Yes, we follow the URI standards for applicants whose native language is not English, as detailed on the Graduate School web page.

Is there financial aid available to graduate students?
Yes, and identifying sources of support for a stipend and tuition is a key part of the admissions process.   Most BES graduate students are supported by teaching assistantships (TAs) that are administered by the college, or by research assistantships (RAs) that are dependent upon research grants and so are usually awarded by individual faculty members.  Others are supported by various fellowships from internal and external sources (e.g. NSF GRFP, EPA STAR).

What is the percentage of applicants admitted to the program?
The percentage and number of admitted applicants varies over time, depending on faculty commitments and funding available.  However, over the last several years between 10-30% of applicants are admitted to the graduate program.

How long will it take a student to complete the M.S. and Ph.D. programs?
Typically, it will take 2 to 2.5 years to complete the degree requirements for the M.S. degree. This includes all coursework and thesis research. The time necessary to complete the Ph.D. (starting with B.S. degree) is about 5 years. This includes all course work and dissertation research.

CMB Specialization FAQs

What is the deadline for the receipt of completed applications? The deadline for the receipt of completed applications is January 15 for admission to the Fall semester and consideration for teaching assistantships. Applications received after January 15 may not be considered for teaching assistantships.

Will we provide a pre-application evaluation of an applicant?
No, we only evaluate completed applications. However, students are urged to speak with their academic advisors at their current or previous institution about application for graduate study.

May applicants contact faculty members?
Certainly, we welcome student inquiries about our research and the graduate program. Specific questions concerning admissions and the graduate program should be directed to the Graduate Program Director.