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Marine Affairs

The world’s coastal regions have become incredibly popular places to live and visit. Our coasts and oceans are also immensely important ecologically and economically. Our coasts and oceans, however, are particularly vulnerable to overuse and climate changes.
Marine Affairs provides students with an interdisciplinary education in ocean and coastal management.

Consequently, we face major management issues locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The primary objective of the degrees in Marine Affairs is to educate students in the interdisciplinary analysis needed for effective marine and coastal management.

Students will study and gain a solid foundation in issues confronting policymakers, environmental managers, and businesses at every governmental level. In addition, students develop an understanding of the environmental, socioeconomic, political, and legal effects of management decisions and their implications. Students who pursue the B.S. degree will obtain a stronger background in natural science and mathematics than those in the Marine Affairs B.A. program. Students who pursue a B.A. will obtain a stronger background in the policy sciences, social sciences, or humanities. Specialty areas in Marine Affairs include: fisheries and marine ecosystems, coastal management, marine spatial planning, marine protected areas, coastal hazards, maritime transportation and ports, and ocean policy.
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