Frequently asked questions about MESM.

How many classes are required and what is the time frame, especially for part-time students?

To what extent does our research project have to cover?

How many 400-level vs 500-level classes can we take?

How terminal is the degree? Is it even possible to go on for another degree later?

Where are graduates of the MESM program now? Where do they end up?

Can you switch tracks?

What courses count for MESM? How may credits of each track do you need?

What is the availability of assistantships?

What am I going to get out of this in terms of career options and networking?

What is the availability of internships? When do we take them? How do we find out about them?

What kind of background do you need to have to get in to MESM?

Where is MESM headed? What are the new technologies out there? How will we be prepared?

How can we get involved in conservation programs outside of class?

What does the major paper entail? How does it differ from a thesis?

Can I transfer in credits from graduate classes taken from another University?

When do I need to acknowledge that I will enroll in the URI MESM program?