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College of the Environment and Life Sciences

Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM)

The Masters of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental Masters Degree program within URI’s College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) that is focused on building expertise for working professionals.  Students who want to further their careers with private sector firms, governmental agencies, or non-profit organizations should consider this degree.

The MESM program is normally completed in 16-21 months of full-time study. Part-time students are welcome, but require a longer time to complete the curriculum.

The MESM program prepares students to apply environmental science and technology to real-world problems.  It does not have the same level of emphasis on independent, hypothesis-based research as the Master of Science in Environmental Sciences degree program. MESM students who may wish to pursue a Ph.D. should consult with the MESM faculty before applying to the program.

Graduates of MESM will:

  • know the fundamental principles of environmental science and how human activities affect environmental condition,
  • integrate multidisciplinary aspects of real-world environmental problems and create practical, viable solutions to those problems,
  • and determine the current state of scientific knowledge of an environmental issue and effectively communicate the scientific problem and possible solutions to diverse audiences.


There are seven unique specializations that are available within the MESM program. Read on to learn about what each has to offer and find the one that fits your interests!

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