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Nutrition & Food Science

The Department offers graduate programs that specialize in Nutrition. Under the MS degree in nutrition, the Department offers an accredited dietetic internship program.

Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program

The Department provides areas of specialization in nutritional status and food behavior of high risk population groups; dietary behavior change to reduce chronic disease risk; nutrition issues related to aging and weight management; diet and exercise;…[Learn more]

Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship

The combined Dietetic Internship Master of Science program is a degree program in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences. The facilities where students gain supervised learning experiences are found throughout the State and represent some…[Learn more]

Application Process

Applications must be completed using the URI Graduate School online application :

Application deadlines for the Nutrition Program are April 15 for summer, July 15 for September admission, and November 15 for January admission. The Dietetic Internship has different deadlines and a different application process (see Dietetic Internship pages for details).

Prior to applying, students are encouraged to contact faculty in the department with whom they wish to work to determine whether the faculty member is accepting new students, their current research and if they have financial support for new students.

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