Course Requirements.

MESM General Requirements

  • 36 credits in total to graduate
  • Must maintain a B average (3.0)
  • 1/2 credits must be at 500/600-level, remaining credits must be at 400-level
  • Must have two credits of seminar, EVS 501 andEVS 502 are strongly recommended
  • Must have 9 credits of natural sciences
  • Must have 6 credits of social sciences
  • Must have 3 credits of statistics
  • Must take EVS 598 (Professional Masters Research) when writing major paper
  • EVS 597 (Internship) strongly recommended
  • Average course load, 9-11 credits/semester
  • Time to completion for full-time student, typically 20 months (4 semesters, one summer)

Courses required for track specializations HERE

Policy on transfer credits HERE

A check sheet to track your progress through MESM

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