Marine Affairs Master’s Degree Programs

Established in 1969, the Graduate Program in Marine Affairs offers two Master’s degree programs and a Joint M.M.A./J.D. program for those interested in the study of the complex issues of coastal and ocean management. Improved understanding of the natural environment and changes in human values have resulted in the need for governance systems that incorporate consideration of ecosystems. This new approach has contributed to a restructuring of policy and management in fisheries, the coastal zone, ports and shipping and, generally, to national and inter-national regimes for ocean/coastal areas.

In the Marine Affairs Program, policy problems are examined at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels. Subjects studied have included management of living and non-living resources in the exclusive economic zone, environmental protection in the coastal zone, the interplay of marine science and public policy in areas such as ocean pollution and fisheries management, developments in international ocean law, and the role of governments and inter-national organizations in Marine Affairs. To date, students have been attracted to the program from all over the United States and from 35 other countries.