The Chowder & Marching Society Charter

The Chowder and Marching Society is a student organization at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO) whose major objective is to address GSO students’ professional, academic, and social needs and concerns. ┬áThe Society is heavily involved in the social environment of the Bay Campus, sponsoring and organizing traditional GSO activities such as Boat Burning, bi-weekly Chowder Hours, and monthly special events. We provide a framework which enhances communication between GSO students, faculty, and administration, enabling us to identify and address specific issues of concern to GSO students. Academic and funding issues are primary concerns of the Society, including course offerings, student seminars, curriculum, and assistantships. The Society determines its specific goals based on the input of the student body. Progress on these goals and proceedings from University committees are reported and discussed at hour-long meetings held on a monthly basis.

The Chowder and Marching Society is led by an Executive Committee comprised of four officers. Yearly elections are held based on nominations. The primary source of revenue for the Society comes from the generous donations of Faculty, Students, and Alumni. Valid expenditures of these funds are those which promote the goals of the Society.

  • Boat Burning

    Boat Burning

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

  • Corn Maze Adventures

    Corn Maze Adventures

  • Cornhole Tournaments

    Cornhole Tournaments

  • Hay Rides

    Hay Rides

  • Chili Cookoff

    Chili Cookoff

  • Holiday Gift Drive

    Holiday Gift Drive

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