Chowder & Marching

Upcoming Events

Mar. 6th – WaterLust Trivia in the Hazard Room, 5PM 

Would it be the first Wednesday of the month without WaterLust sponsored trivia? I don’t think so! Join us for the 5th installment of ocean themed trivia where you and 5 of your best friends can compete for a $50 gift card to [You might even get lucky and have the host say that you won even though you didn’t, only to strip that victory away from you in the end (anyways congrats to last month’s winners, the Blondies! not the engineers of the Geometric Isopods)]. Please sign your team up here. Be sure to check out the C&M instagram @candm_gso for a sneak peak of one of the questions ~24 hours beforehand. Pizza and refreshments will be provided.  

Mar. 16th – Outdoor Saturday at the Newport St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 11AM

Join C&M in celebration of St. Paddy’s Day in Newport. Have you ever wondered how many bagpipe players there are in the state of Rhode Island? This is your ticket to finding out! Don your best green attire, keep an eye out for leprechauns, and join in the revelry. The parade kicks off from the Newport City Hall and runs through Washington Square, down Thames Street, and ends at St. Augustine’s Church. Parade will be held rain or shine.

Mar. 20th – Card making for an important woman in your life in the Student Wellness Center, 4:30PM

March marks Women’s History Month, and what better way to show an important woman in your life that you care than a handmade card. Whether it be for your mom, grandma, sister, cousin, girlfriend, advisor, Amy Smith, or Dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography Dr. Paula Bontempi a little appreciation from a loved one will warm their hearts. Markers, paint, watercolors, glitter, etc will be available to decorate your cards. Lemonade and cookies will be provided, as will envelopes and stamps if necessary. 

Mar. 20th – C&M Spring Market Signup 


(see Upcoming GSO Events section for more detail about the event itself)

An event so nice we’re hosting it twice. Due to the success of our last artisan market we are again calling all (student, faculty, and staff) artisans and crafters. Do you have something (or many somethings) that you make and sell in your free time? Join us at the C&M Spring market where we gather talented GSO-ians to give them an opportunity to sell their goods to fellow colleagues.

Please sign up here

Current date and time location of the market will be April 3rd, from 3:30-6pm, in the Nautilus Galley. Refreshments will be provided by C&M!

Mar. 26th & Apr. 2nd – Creative time for artists showing at the Spring Artisan Market in the Student Wellness Center, 10AM – 1PM

For our artists that will be showcasing their work at the upcoming Spring Artisan Market we’d like to have quiet time available for you to take a break from the work day and create. Please join us in the Student Wellness Center to take some time to focus on your craft.

Stay connected!

Instagram: @candm_gso 

Twitter: @CandM_GSO


Executive Board (2023-24)

Philip Yang (President)

Jake Harrington (Vice President) Fiona Kamhawi (Treasurer) Lindsay Agvent (Communications Chair) Jason Noel (Ocean Engineering Representative)

The new C&M board at the 59th annual Boat Burning


Chowder and Marching (C&M) is a student organization at the University of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay Campus, whose major objective is to address all GSOE (Graduate School of Oceanography and Ocean Engineering) students’ professional, academic, and social needs and concerns.

C&M is heavily involved in the social environment of the Bay Campus, sponsoring and organizing GSOE activities such as Boat Burning, barbecues, trivia, and more throughout the year. We provide a framework which enhances communication between GSOE students, faculty, and administration, enabling us to identify and address specific issues of concern to students.

C&M determines its specific goals based on the input of the student body. Progress on these goals is reported and discussed at hour-long meetings held on a weekly basis. The organization is led by an Executive Committee elected annually by peers. The primary source of revenue for the Society comes from the generous donations of Faculty, Students, and Alumni. Valid expenditures of these funds are those which promote the goals of C&M.

Past Executive Boards

Academic YearMembers   
2023-2024Philip Yang - President
Jake Harrington - Vice President
Fiona Teevan-Kamhawi - Treasurer
Lindsay Agvent - Communications chair
Jason Noel - Ocean Engineering Representative
2022-2023Andria Miller – President
Mollie Passacantando – Vice President
Bryan Plankenhorn – Treasurer
Raul Guiterrez – Communications Chair
Phil Parisi, Shawn Chambers, Shawn Albertson – Ocean Engineering Representatives
2021-2022Josh Pi – President
Ginny Cousens – Vice President
Rebecca Lippitt – Treasurer
Coralie Rodriguez – Communications Chair
2020-2021Kotachi Liu – President
Izak Hill – Vice President
Isabel Dove – Treasurer
Erin Jones – Communications Chair
2019-2020Luis Pomales – President
Matt Dunn & Kyle Turner – Vice President
Sarah Nickford – Treasurer
Diana Fontaine – Communications Chair
2018-2019Victoria Fulfer – President
Catrina Nowakowski – Vice President
Jacob Stock – Treasurer
Basia Marks – Social Media Chair
2017-2018Joe Zottoli – President
Afonso Goncalves – Vice President
Sam Gartzman – Treasurer
Rebecca Stevick – Communications Chair
Joe Langan – Outreach Chair
2016-2017Kira Homola - President
Sierra Davis – Vice President
Colin Jones – Treasurer
2015-2016Kira Homola - President
Casey Hearn – Vice President
Colin Jones – Treasurer
Austen Blair – Social Media Chair