Please note: All topics and speakers are subject to change! This schedule reflects the most updated version. A summary of the event will be added as the date approaches.

All events are held in the GSO Corless Auditorium, unless otherwise stated: 215 S Ferry Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

Warming Seas and the Ocean State - June 22, 7pm

Presented by: Joe Langan and Ali Johnson

This first seminar, entitled “Warming Seas and the Ocean State,” will focus on the ocean’s role in our climate system. We will discuss how physical processes are responding to warming sea surface temperatures and the instruments oceanographers use to measure these changes. Keeping the physics in mind, the latter portion of the program will focus on the effects of warming on coastal ecosystems close to home, illustrating how local species are being impacted by global climate change and what it means for Rhode Island fisheries.

Storms on the Horizon: Climate Change and Weather - July 20, 7pm

Presented by: Nyla Husain and Victoria Treadaway

Global warming is changing the way the ocean interacts with the atmosphere, causing stronger and more frequent severe weather across the globe. This seminar will begin by describing how air-sea interactions affect marine weather by the transport of heat, momentum, and gases at the ocean surface. The second part of the talk will focus on how storms affect the chemistry of the atmosphere.

The Carbon Cycle and Climate - August 17, 7pm

Presented by: Noah Walcutt and Christine Gardiner

Have you ever wondered why everyone is talking about the importance of carbon in understanding climate change or how this essential ingredient for life cycles through our oceans and atmosphere? This month, the Bay Informed Discussion Series is tackling the carbon cycle and what it means for our climate. All ages welcome!

Block Island Wind Farm and Coastal RI -- September 21, 7pm

Presented by: Monique LaFrance-Bartley and Chris O’Reilly

As we face threats from climate change, alternative energy sources are becoming more and more advanced. With turbines popping up everywhere, have you ever wondered what goes into the planning and building of a wind farm? What about how we evaluate their effects on the surrounding ecosystems? Join the Bay Informed Discussion Series as we discuss the advantages and challenges behind the development of the Block Island Wind Farm! We will cover the technical parts of choosing a location, offshore construction, and the ongoing multidisciplinary scientific research to investigate the impacts. Come learn about the current facts and future goals as alternative energy becomes a feature in our seascape. All ages are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Bay Informed Research Bites - GSO Open House, October 14, 11am and 2pm

Presented by various GSO students on a variety of topics

11am and 2pm in the Corless Auditorium

GSO Open House: Ocean Science for the Ocean State

Paleoceanography: Drilling into the Past to Predict our Future - October 19, 7pm

Presented by: Casey Hearn and Colin Jones

How do we know what past climates looked like? Join the Bay Informed Discussion Series for a discussion of practical paleoceanography covering the methods and techniques that allow us to decipher the past. We will walk you through some of the major events in Earth’s climate history over the past 60 million years, explaining what we know and how we know it. We can use these techniques in exotic places, and we will show you ongoing research into the Pacific Ocean near Antarctica during the last Ice Age. Paleoceanography isn’t only for events thousands or millions of years ago, we can also apply these techniques in our own back yard! We will also describe techniques used to understand Rhode Island’s historic coastline and changes to Narragansett Bay biology in the last few hundred years.

Warming Polar Regions - November 16, 7pm

Presented by: Alexa Sterling and Sam Gartzman

Have you ever wondered what it is like to journey to the bottom of the world or why scientists brave the harsh conditions to do research there? Join the Bay Informed Discussion Series Thursday November 16th to hear from scientists who have recently returned from the South Pole! Representing two of four research teams  from  URI who traveled to the Southern Ocean during the 2016-2017 season, our speakers will share with you their research experiences in Antarctica, discuss the international scientific efforts that make these expeditions possible, and the exciting science they conducted while they were there! All ages welcome!

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