Your Support is Essential

With the approval of the state bond in 2018, GSO set a course for growth and innovation. The bond provides core funding, but it also opens opportunities for anyone committed to ocean science to contribute to a new era of research and discovery.

A few of the areas to give are included below. Among the many ways to contribute, endowed gifts create a perpetual stream of funding, and they can be named to honor a family member, the donor or a mentor.

Examples of naming opportunities are:

Ocean Robotics Laboratory

  • Building — $5,000,000
  • Staging Area including Test Tank — $1,000,000
  • Research Labs (GSO and OE) — $75,000 to $150,000
  • Conference Room, Study Rooms and Offices — $50,000 and up

Marine Operations Facility

  • Marine Ops Building — $2,000,000
  • Marine Ops Annex — $500,000

Other opportunities will be presented as part of Phase II.

We are incredibly excited about the prospect of rejuvenating the Narragansett Bay Campus to further our mission of ocean exploration and marine science research and education. We hope you will join us in this endeavor and support our efforts to strengthen the blue economy in the Ocean State.
Dr. Paula S. Bontempi, Dean, Graduate School of Oceanography

For further information, contact:

Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations


Sr. Director, Academic Initiatives


(401) 874-5682

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