Sarah Nickford


B.S. Atmospheric and Ocean Science, Stony Brook University

M.S. Physical Oceanography, Stony Brook University

Selected Publications

Nickford, S., Palter, J.B., Donohue, K., Fassbender, A.J., Gray, A.R., Long, J., Sutton, A.J., Bates, N.R., Takeshita, Y., 2022. Autonomous Wintertime Observations of Air‐Sea Exchange in the Gulf Stream Reveal a Perfect Storm for Ocean CO2 Uptake. Geophysical Research Letters 49, 1–9.

Palter, J., Cook, L., Gonçalves Neto, A., Nickford, S., Bianchi, D., 2019. Acoustic Backscatter Patterns. Oceanography 32, 140–141.

Palter, J.B., Nickford, S., Mu, L., 2023. Ocean Carbon Dioxide Uptake in the Tailpipe of Industrialized Continents. Geophysical Research Letters 50, e2023GL104822.