GSO Graduate Student Leads RV Endeavor Cruise to Explore RI Sound


Scott Dickison, a teacher from Rogers High School in Newport, recently completed a November cruise aboard RV Endeavor as a participant in the Rhode Island Teacher-at-Sea (RITAS) Program. The scientific team, led by Chief Scientist Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, a GSO graduate student, also included GSO Professor Chris Kincaid and graduate student Christelle Balt. The mission of the cruise was to obtain data on the offshore currents that affect the flow of water in and out of Narragansett Bay. Dickison, with his students, has been monitoring an inshore salt marsh for the past six years. Now, with his new partnership with scientists at GSO, they will be able to connect to how the offshore currents play a role in the water profiles he and his class collect from the salt marsh in Newport as well as Narragansett Bay that surrounds their home in the City by the Sea.