Bio@Noon – Jason Jaacks – Using Collaborative Storytelling to Engage the Public

Professor Jason Jaacks, October 21, 2020 – Impact Science Communication: Using Collaborative Storytelling to Engage the Public

In today’s fractured media landscape, there are a myriad of platforms, tools, and approaches for engaging public audiences. How can scientists utilize these to broaden the impact of their research and, more importantly, why should they? Through a number of case studies, Prof. Jason Jaacks will discuss collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to science communication, established and emerging media organizations and trends, and innovative storytelling tools. Before joining URI as an Assistant Professor of Journalism, Jaacks worked as a visual journalist and documentary filmmaker for a variety of news organizations, including National Geographic, the New York Times, and PBS. As a faculty member, Jaacks now focuses on shaping the narrative around science by collaborating with researchers to develop effective science communication media.